Thursday, October 17, 2013

GBI Pill

GBI pill assumes that it will help to attain harder erection just after taking a pill. It works instantly and even last for 4 to 5 days. There is a list of ingredients, but the amounts are not revealed. The ingredients are natural ranging from Chinese herbs to known amino acids, L-arginine, which is located in many male enhancement supplements. It seems that the main function of GBI pill is to increase blood flow, at the same time expanding and considerably expanding the blood vessels in the penis, allowing additional blood to swell the Chambers of the penis. This action will help you achieve a bigger, stronger & harder erection.

GBI Pill - Ingredients & How they work?

Golden Spear Grass Extract: This herb is used in numerous male enhancement products, but it is difficult to find out what it does exactly.

L-Arginine Monohydrate: It is an amino acid that support levels of Nitric Oxide and in turn, helps broaden the blood vessels in the penis allowing more blood to engorge giving you bigger & harder erection.
White Willow Bark: This works like aspirin without any adverse effects. It helps in relieving pain and inflammation and may help with weight loss.
Cinnamomum Cassia: It increases stamina, stimulation, promotes faster erections that is long lasting.
Ginger Root: It increases blood circulation and has many other health benefits.
Cayenne: It is used for its aphrodisiac effects, and it dilates blood vessels by increasing the blood flow throughout the body, especially to the penis, which gives you a stronger & longer lasting erection.
Damiana Leaf: It is most widely known as an aphrodisiac, it contains a chemical that relaxes the central nervous system.
Peppermint Leaf: It helps cell membranes with the absorption function, promotes healthy natural lubrication, improves mood and helps with relaxation.
Eurycoma Longifolia: It promotes well-being, improves sexual health, increases strength, and increases libido by boosting the testosterone levels.

Is it safe to use GBI pill?

All the ingredients in the formula of GBI pills are all natural and completely safe for men. If you are thinking about GBI pill, it is recommended that you see your healthcare professional before using this supplement.

GBI Pill - Conclusion

There is hardly any information on the internet about GBI pill. A website said that it seemed that it was a discontinued product. It may very well be. Only a site had a list of prices, but it cannot be purchased from this site. GBI pill does not have an official website. So it’s very tricky to take out a conclusion that this product really works without giving any side effects.

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