Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dr. Bross Advanced Formula Pro Plus - Reviews

Dr. Bross Advanced Pro Plus is a male enhancement product that needs a second look. This product claims to provide the effect of increasing, lengthening and thickening the penis. It is a powerful natural herbal formula for penis enlargement, improving sexual performance and gives long lasting erections. The formulation is the combination of different type of herbs found in many parts of the world that can enlarge the penis erectile tissues. It is manufactured & designed by a company called Avid Medical.

Dr. Bross Advanced Formula Pro Plus – Ingredients

The only information available online about the ingredients present in Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced is believed to be natural and herbal ingredients. Without a detailed list of ingredients, it is nearly impossible to define the efficiency of Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced. With concern of its safety, if this product really contain all-natural & herbal ingredients, then definitely, it would be safe to use.

Dr. Bross Advanced Formula Pro Plus - Claims

Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced promises to enhance your sexual performance and penis size in just 9 weeks. It also promises to do the following:

  • Will increase your volume of semen
  • Will decrease the rate of premature ejaculations
  • Will increase the intensity of your orgasms
  • Will firm and tone your penis
  • Will increase your sexual urge
  • Will boost your stamina

Dr. Bross Advanced Formula Pro Plus – Benefits & Drawbacks

Dr. Bross Advanced Formula Pro Plus claims to increase the size of penis in just 9 weeks along with boosting your sexual performance. But the major concern is that the ingredients used in this product are not known. Thus it is difficult to judge whether this product is safe to use or not.

Dr. Bross Advanced Formula Pro Plus - Dosage

In terms of recommended use, users of this male enhancement product are advised to taken twice daily. Even Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced does claim to cure Erectile Dysfunction. Lastly, each purchase or bottle of Dr. Bross Advanced Pro Plus  contains 120 tablets that should last up to 2 months with proper use.

Dr. Bross Advanced Formula Pro Plus - Conclusion

In conclusion, it is really very difficult to make any concrete claims without knowing more about what’s Dr. Bross Pro plus Advanced consists of. This product is definitely unproven and a high-risk option for anyone trying to increase their sexual performance or to cure ED. Hope this review will help you out to find the best male enhancement product matching you needs.  

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