Monday, November 30, 2015

The Story of How I Managed to overcome my urinary problems using Prostara

Five years ago, I was living a life that many people would envy. I had a cute girlfriend, I had money, and I worked from the comfort of my home. This is a life that many 26 years old would have envied having in mind that at this time the economy was on its knees. At that time, I would have guessed that it is the small things that mess once life. Here is my story about how I struggled with prostate gland inflammation and how I overcome it.


I don't the exact time that my prostate problems became infected and started getting inflammation but this is due to my ignorance. I had always had a problem passing urine after I cleared college but it didn't appear to me like a major concern. I used to feel the urge to urinate but when I went to relieve myself, the urine would take several minutes to come out. In some instances, the amount of urine I passed was not proportional to the urge I had. At first I thought it was due to my penis ring and that passed as normal to me.

Then I started passing urine more frequently than usual. Within an hour after taking any fluid, I would feel the urge to urinate for three to four times. This meant that I couldn't stay for one complete football game without relieving myself at least two times.

At night, I would be forced to wake up like three times to go relieve myself and each time I did, I would pass a little urine and I would still feel there's more of it in my bladder but I was not able to remove it. This meant that my work patterns were disrupted. I worked as a site administrator of a foreign website and due to the time difference, my work hours were mostly between 3 am and 11 am in the morning. Since I am not good at sleeping during the day, coupled with the fact that we lived in an apartment that was next to the metro lines, I used to sleep between 7 pm and 2 am. Waking 3-4 times between 7 and 2 am meant that I was sleepy during my work hours. I would sleep on my keyboard and accidentally type random letters to colleagues and clients. In one instance, I deleted crucial documents and this got me fired.

With limited finances and a sleep problem, I turned into drugs. Well, the sleeping pills worked since I used to sleep continuously for 8-10 hrs but this meant I would urinate on myself. My girlfriend was not okay with it so she broke up with me. My life seemed to have come to an end, at one point I even felt like committing suicide.

My brother came to my rescue. He introduced me to Prostara and even bought me three months' supply of the product. Desperate as I was, I didn't even want to know what it was. I just took it faithfully without skipping a dosage. After finishing my first bottle I noted improvement and thus sought to know what it was. I found out that prostara was an all-natural remedy to symptoms associated with most prostate complications.

Within two months, my urge to urinate was back to normal and I could now control it. I no longer woke up at night to urinate and I would empty my bladder in one go. In short, I was back to normal. I applied for another job and I was glad to be hired due to my exceptional CV. Although I did not get my girlfriend back, I was happy that I was confident again to start dating. I know it might sound strange but I owe my life to this product.


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