Monday, November 30, 2015

The Story of How I Managed to overcome my urinary problems using Prostara

Five years ago, I was living a life that many people would envy. I had a cute girlfriend, I had money, and I worked from the comfort of my home. This is a life that many 26 years old would have envied having in mind that at this time the economy was on its knees. At that time, I would have guessed that it is the small things that mess once life. Here is my story about how I struggled with prostate gland inflammation and how I overcome it.


I don't the exact time that my prostate problems became infected and started getting inflammation but this is due to my ignorance. I had always had a problem passing urine after I cleared college but it didn't appear to me like a major concern. I used to feel the urge to urinate but when I went to relieve myself, the urine would take several minutes to come out. In some instances, the amount of urine I passed was not proportional to the urge I had. At first I thought it was due to my penis ring and that passed as normal to me.

Then I started passing urine more frequently than usual. Within an hour after taking any fluid, I would feel the urge to urinate for three to four times. This meant that I couldn't stay for one complete football game without relieving myself at least two times.

At night, I would be forced to wake up like three times to go relieve myself and each time I did, I would pass a little urine and I would still feel there's more of it in my bladder but I was not able to remove it. This meant that my work patterns were disrupted. I worked as a site administrator of a foreign website and due to the time difference, my work hours were mostly between 3 am and 11 am in the morning. Since I am not good at sleeping during the day, coupled with the fact that we lived in an apartment that was next to the metro lines, I used to sleep between 7 pm and 2 am. Waking 3-4 times between 7 and 2 am meant that I was sleepy during my work hours. I would sleep on my keyboard and accidentally type random letters to colleagues and clients. In one instance, I deleted crucial documents and this got me fired.

With limited finances and a sleep problem, I turned into drugs. Well, the sleeping pills worked since I used to sleep continuously for 8-10 hrs but this meant I would urinate on myself. My girlfriend was not okay with it so she broke up with me. My life seemed to have come to an end, at one point I even felt like committing suicide.

My brother came to my rescue. He introduced me to Prostara and even bought me three months' supply of the product. Desperate as I was, I didn't even want to know what it was. I just took it faithfully without skipping a dosage. After finishing my first bottle I noted improvement and thus sought to know what it was. I found out that prostara was an all-natural remedy to symptoms associated with most prostate complications.

Within two months, my urge to urinate was back to normal and I could now control it. I no longer woke up at night to urinate and I would empty my bladder in one go. In short, I was back to normal. I applied for another job and I was glad to be hired due to my exceptional CV. Although I did not get my girlfriend back, I was happy that I was confident again to start dating. I know it might sound strange but I owe my life to this product.


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Maintain Optimal Prostate Function with Prostara

Age is said to be the great equalizer. No matter how attractive, how intelligent, how healthy or how wealthy you are in your youth, age will eventually catch up with you. This is most especially true with men and their prostate. Almost 80 percent of men aged 60 and up have some urinary dysfunction caused by BHP or benign prostatic hyperplasia. One of the common age-related conditions in men, BPH - which is also known as benign prostatic hypertrophy - negatively affects the quality of life of at least 30 percent of sufferers. BPH is not life-threatening, but severe effects can cause a great deal of discomfort, embarrassment and physical difficulty. Unless you take measures in treating and managing BPH - like taking Prostara regularly - you might suffer further from frequent trips to the toilet, a weak stream and other urination problems.

Hormones and BPH

ProstaraHormonal changes do not occur only in women, as is the general perception, but in men a well. As men age, their estrogen levels increase and overwhelms their testosterone levels. As if this is not enough, testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is said to increase cell production in the prostate health, which then leads to prostate tissue enlargement.

The prostrate, a gland responsible for producing the fluid that protects the sperm, surrounds the urethra, the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis. Growth of the prostate puts pressure on the urethra, which in turn causes urinary issues. BPH sufferers experience incomplete emptying of the bladder, a weak stream, straining, nocturia and intermittent, frequent and urgent urination - factors that cause a negative impact in their daily lives. But there are also lucky individuals with enlarged prostates who have limited to no symptoms.

BPH Diagnosis, Treatment and Management

While some men might be embarrassed about admitting their symptoms, the first step to managing and treating BPH and prostate infection (which can be caused by retaining urine in the bladder) is seeing the doctor. You doctor will perform several tests:

1. A digital rectal exam. This aims to check how big and how firm the prostate is. Again, it must be noted that prostate size does not indicate severity of symptoms.
2. A urinalysis and urine culture test. This is used to check for urinary track infection.
3. A prostate-specific antigen test (PSA). This test helps rule out prostate cancer, as cancer and BPH symptoms are similar.

If you are found to have complications, the doctor will perform other tests to provide you the correct treatment plan and management for your symptoms.

Prostara and Prostate Health

Most BPH cases can be resolved by making lifestyle changes and taking supplements such as Prostara, which promotes optimum prostate health. Made of organic ingredients that naturally occur in food, this potent formulation promotes proper prostate size, supports normal urinary flow, reduces testosterone conversion to DHT and supports overall prostate health.

By using Prostara, you can relieve BPH symptoms without side effects like low blood pressure, decreased ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and infertility that are commonly associated with chemical drug treatments.

An enlarged prostate should not stop you from enjoying the things you like with the people you love. Relieve your BPH symptoms with Prostara and reclaim the quality of your life.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Best Male Enhancement Exercises

Among the numerous male enhancement exercises that being practiced by men all over the world, Ballooning is one of the most effective and beneficial. This particular male enhancement exercises helps prevent premature ejaculation, increase sexual stamina and increase the size of the penis, possibly adding inches.

The main focus of this male enhancement exercise is to withhold the urge to ejaculate. This is where ballooning is difficult as a lot of men do not wish to delay their orgasms and are more eager to have orgasms than to fight the rather strong urge to have them. This particular male enhancement exercises due to the very reason of holding the urge to ejaculate may cause some men to get frustrated and to discontinue this exercise, yet this very reason makes this male enhancement exercise effective and a method to prevent premature ejaculation causing men to perform better in bed.

Best Male Enhancement Exercises

To practice ballooning men have to prevent themselves from ejaculating during sexual activity. This can be done if a palm is placed on the glans of the penis when the man is about to have an orgasm, thus preventing ejaculation. Although for most men this is quite a difficult thing to do as this annoyingly delays orgasm, however, if done frequently this male enhancement exercise may add inches of length to the penis. This male enhancement exercises does so by expanding the spongy tissues of the penis, making it larger over time. Some men have been reported to have experienced a penis growth of up to 3 inches.

Another rather less cumbersome method to increase the size of the penis is to use the jelqing technique which requires men to have their penis 10 to 80 percent erect, having their fingers make the O.K sign, holding this "O.K" circle at the base of the penis and pushing it down the shaft right till the head. This exercise is done in an alternating manner with both hands which means that as soon as one hand has reached the head, the other has to be used. Initially this exercise should be done a 100 times, but later one in a month's time the frequency should be increased to 500. Plenty of lube should be used for this exercise and the penis should not be fully erect otherwise it can get damaged. Warming up of the penis is also important before this male enhancement exercises. This can be done by holding the penis by the head and stretching it in all directions. Plenty of massage oil should be used for these warm ups. There are many male enhancement products over the counter that can helps to enhance your sexual stamina and boost your testosterone levels. Few examples of these products are Rexavar, Andro400, Beta Flo.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to Increase Erectile Dysfunction For Men In 40 Age?

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is defined as a man who has difficulty or an inability to achieve or sustain an erection for the time required to have an orgasm. It can be reoccurring or a constant problem, and it can have a devastating effect on a man's personal and sexual relationship.

What the Study Revealed?

A recent study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and showed that 26 percent of men who were under the age of 40, and sexually active, had a form of an erectile dysfunction. This was even with these men having healthy weights and normal levels of the male sexual health, testosterone. The study also revealed that out of the 26 percent, younger men who frequently used tobacco products and abused illegal drugs and alcohol experienced more problems with erectile dysfunctions and problems with ejaculation. In fact these unhealthy habits caused severe erectile problems in 48.8 percent of younger men, compared to only 40 percent of men over the age of 40.

How to Cope with Erectile Dysfunction?

Men who suffer from an erectile dysfunction often experience a loss of confidence in the bedroom, which can further affect their sexual performance. Their libidos can decrease and feelings of depression, stress, anxiety and even anger can also surface. This can be especially true for men under the age of forty, who are expected to be able to perform at their sexual best. Their inability to perform can lead to long lasting emotional issues and cause problems to develop in the relationship. In most instances an erectile dysfunction is treatable, and here are some tips to help both you and your partner keep your sex life satisfying and happy.

Be Honest

One of the best ways to begin treating an erectile dysfunction and to prevent problems from developing in the relationship is for men to be honest with their partners. Do not be ashamed to admit that there is a problem, and work together to come up with ways to solve it. Sometimes simply relieving the stress of not sharing the sexual dysfunction with your partner is enough to help improve your male enhancement during intercourse. Remember that it is alright to be embarrassed, and also know that your partner is there to help and support you, even if you are having problems sustaining your erection. While you are having difficulties, you can still stimulate your partner manually or orally. Sometimes knowing that your partner is satisfied is enough to help your relax and enjoy your own arousal.

Seek Help

This does not only include discussing the sexual problem with your partner, but also with a health care professional. While in younger men most cases of erectile disorders are caused by stress or poor lifestyle choices, it can also be an indicator of a more serious health problem. Not only can certain illnesses or diseases be ruled out, they should also be able to recommend a treatment method.

Help your Partner

Women need to remember that men did not develop a sexual dysfunction on purpose, nor is their inability to achieve an erection meant as a type of punishment. It is important for women to remember that it is even more frustrating for a man, along with it being a frightening experience for him. Supporting him through the problem will not only help to prevent problems developing in your relationship, which can make the erectile disorder worse, it can also help he recover his ability to have satisfying intercourse in a shorter period of time. Remember, he can still pleasure you even without penile penetration, and these longer sessions of foreplay can help him to recover faster.


It is startling to hear that one out of every four men suffer from male sexual problem, but they can also be treated. While men are dealing with the dysfunction, simply talking to a healthcare professional and their partner can be the most important step towards treatment. What is perhaps the most important for young men to remember, is that not only can their lifestyle choices affect their ability to perform sexually now but it can also have long reaching effects on their sexual performance for the rest of their lives.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why You Need To Take Your Penis Seriously?

Every man likely needs to understand more about how they can take their penis seriously. Men everywhere are trying to understand more about the unique aspects of their sexual health and how it can best be managed over time as well. There are some important stats that men should review if they want to understand how their penis works. Every man needs to review some of these important strategies that they can consider when they want to improve their sex health. Familiarizing themselves with some of the basic terms will help men everywhere enhance their health in some critical ways.

There are plenty of solutions that men have to consider when they want to enhance their performance. Most men will want to make sure that they are achieving the fullest erection possible when they want to enhance their performance. Dealing with the effects of erectile dysfunction can have a significant impact on the health of men everywhere. This is a major component of why erectile dysfunction tends to be improved across a few categories as well. Men should think about whether they can actually manage their health in a few simple ways. This is part of the reason why general physicians have managed to deal with these issues in some prominent ways.

It may be helpful for men to work with a physician who can recommend the right diagnosis for their penis. Men everywhere are starting to discover that they can deal with the effects of how these programs tend to take place. It may be helpful for men to gain a better overall strategy for how penis health can be maintained over time. Men will need to review how they can approach this health issue and what can be done to maintain a health erection for as long as possible.

There are exercises, dietary changes and lifestyle changes that men could be making. All of these approaches will enhance the unique issues associated with how men tend to deal with major problems themselves. This is a fundamental reason why men should think about the unique options that they have to consider. Men should review some of the specialized decisions that they can review to understand how this system will work. It will be up to men to make important decisions related to their health. This will represent a significant challenge for men who want to mitigate their sexual performance in the long run.

Working with a urologist can give men the resources that the need, since they are actually prepared to deal with important erectile dysfunction issues as well. Men everywhere are starting to understand more about the unique challenges that people will face when they want to understand how this system will work. They can get some basic health advice and understand more about how these challenges may impact their health. Some men will need to review whether they are dealing with the right sets of issues associated with these health problems. Men may be faced with some significant problems associated with their health.

There are penile implants that can be used to maintain an erection for men. This is a major challenge that men should consider, since they will be faced with important challenges along the way. Men will need to review whether they are actually enhancing their health by using this strategy. They can find a novel solution for these problems, since it will impact their health in a few important ways. The implant is a major surgery, so men should talk it over with their physician. This will help them come to the right solution when they want to mitigate the health issues that they are facing as well. There are also many natural male enhancement products available in market which can be considered as best alternatives to surgery.

Finally, it will be important for men to understand more about whether they are actually dealing with these issues properly. Men should review some of the specialized options that they have when they want to maintain their erection. If men want to identify the unique solutions that they have, then they can actually improve their health. Men everywhere will need to understand that they need to manage their health in some important ways. This will represent one of the most important steps men can take if they want to enhance their performance as well.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kamagra: What Exactly are The Risks of Kamagra?

It is difficult to determine the effects of a drug which has unknown ingredients. Kamagra is sold as a generic form of Viagra, but this is a misleading interpretation of the making of Kamagra itself. "Viagra" and "Kamagra" are terms which have become synonymous with arousal, although this is not the effect which the primary ingredient is meant to achieve. Most consumers around the world are not aware of this fact, and believe that Kamagra and Viagra are aphrodisiacs. We're going to take a quick look at the most likely problems of buying Kamagra online from the US.

For those with genuine erectile dysfunction, the active ingredient which these drugs claim, Sildenafil citrate, is very likely to provide either an erection, or an increased level of blood-flow to the genitals. This effect does not occur independently of arousal, however, and is actually the result of a reaction which occurs in the vascular tissue of the penis itself. Actually, the effect of allowing an erection, where there was none before, still requires sexual arousal.

It should be noted here that Kamagra is not guaranteed to contain Sildenafil citrate. Unlike Viagra, Kamagra is no longer a viable brand name. It is not manufactured by any one organization, although it may have been in the past. Kamagra was first made in India, where the majority of it is still made, but is unregulated by domestic organizations. Since the basic ingredient is patented, there is no legal way to sell this drug in the US independently of Pfizer and Viagra. While this may convince some that Kamagra is as viable as Viagra, the fact of its poor regulation and global manufacture guarantee that some versions of Kamagra are not only unreliable, but poisonous.

There have been many documented cases of death and injury related to Kamagra, and these usually occur outside the US, where Viagra is expensive, but readily available. To best understand the risks of Kamagra, therefore, it should be compared to any other illegal or controlled substance and all associated adverse effects. Note that these effects are not limited to the main ingredient, but to the entire shipping and manufacturing practice which happens in the private, unregulated sector. Also, those who purchase this drug online are exposed to all of the dangers and liabilities of purchasing other illegal substances online. Ultimately, the low cost of purchase for Kamagra should be weighed against the extremely high risk of these other factors. To sum up, these risks include injury, incarceration, and even death due to poisoning.

Extenze Reviews

Extenze: General Product Review

Extenze is an herbal sexual enhancer which claims to increase the size of the penis and enhance sexual arousal. Extenze is composed of almost thirty herbal and mineral ingredients. Over time, it is suggested that this combination of herbs and minerals will cause the penis to grow during the course of taking Extenze. Once the consumer stops taking Extenze, the growth is supposed to disappear, giving Extenze a distinct advantage over competition.

Extenze pills are large tablets which contain about 800 milligrams of herbal and mineral supplement. A dosage consists of 1 tablet. Extenze does not state how long it will take to see results, although Extenze insists that such results are temporary, and that ceasing intake of Extenze will result in the loss of any perceived gain in size.

Making Sex Fun?


Although most participants in sexual activity believe it to be quite fun already, Extenze claims to make sex more fun, although the mechanism for fulfilling this claim is unknown. Most customers believe that Extenze will either increase the size of the penis or increase sexual arousal. Either of these changes is supposed to make sex “more fun” with Extenze. Unfortunately, it is not clear that the ingredients of Extenze actually produce the results claimed by the maker. In fact, the maker of Extenze has been repeatedly sued for damages according to advertising law.

Naturally, it is up to either scientists or consumers to determine if this is true, but the persistent placebo effect of taking sexual enhancers leads many to believe that Extenze has no effect at all, except to alther the mineral content of the body, in terms of folic acid and Zinc. Although a Zinc deficiency can cause impotence, too much Zinc will cause the same problem. Americans are the least at risk for Zinc deficiencies due to high meat diets.

Extenze Review conclusion

In conclusion, Extenze may very well produce some sexual changes, but these may be limited to placebo. As a product, Extenze lies in the middle range of price, but boasts far more ingredients and testimonials than other similar supplements. Note that these variables do not necessarily indicate the quality of the ingredients or the market value of the product itself. As to whether or not the product works, this depends largely on the expectations of the consumer. In general, the ingredients of Extenze do not support the conclusions drawn by the writers of Extenze claims. There's no reason to conclude that any herbal combination available will temporarily alter the size of the penis. If this were possible, it would be a medical miracle.