Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Endowmax Reviews

Overview of Endowmax

The product known as Endowmax is used to make the penis thicker, increase it's length, support more firm erections that last longer, rev up the sex drive and libido, and increase the volume of ejaculation. Endowmax is produced by Herbal Research, which makes many other herbal products.

Details of Endowmax

Within weeks of taking this product, the strength of erection and libido should increase. Within 2-3 months, the penis should produce a visible growth in size. Endowmax is effective because it increases blood flow to the penis. This extra flow causes the chambers of the penis to swell. This swelling serves to create erections that are not only larger, but last for a longer amount of time. The majority of users report penis growth of 1-3 inches in length.
Endowmax is composed of many natural herbs that work in conjunction to raise the level of blood flow to the penis, and increase the sex drive. It also can help users rejuvenate libido.

Good About Endowmax

  • Easy to order via the company website.
  • Private, discreet shipping.
  • Private, discreet billing.
  • Website contains clear contact info.
  • Product is guaranteed for up to sixty days.
  • Website testimonials are positive.
  • The ingredient list, and their functions, are clearly listed.

Bad About Endowmax

  • Clinical trial information is not available.
  • The product must be taken for three to six months before being able to know if it is working.

Endowmax The Bottom Line

Endowmax is made of ingredients that have been linked to the ability to increase the size of erection, and increased sexual stamina. That said, there is no clinical trial information that would serve to back up the claims that the product is effective. Since the money back guarantee will only refund for up to two months (or two bottles worth), purchasing Endowmax is not totally risk free.

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