Monday, October 7, 2013

Cocked N Loaded Maximum Semen Volume Pills

Cocked n Loaded is a commutation of several years’ work to develop a product for men that improves their sexual experience in a positive manner and reduces the number of negative side effects.  After analyzing multiple formulas, Cocked n Loaded offers the majority of men the best possible supplement for a semen volumizer and libido booster. Cocked n Loaded is manufactured in the United States.

Cocked n Loaded - Ingredients

Maca Extract (Lipidium meyenli), Jujube (Zizyphus jujuba), Tribulus Terrestris Extract(seed), Horny Goat Weed Extract (Epimedium sagittatum), Xanthoparmelia Extract(bark), Cnidium Extract(seed), Longjack Extract(root)

How Cocked N Loaded work?

Semen volumizers increase the intensity of orgasms because semen build-up in the body forces your muscles to contract more and harder to expel all of that delicious juice.  It is the power in this series of muscle contractions that make orgasms even more intense.

Cocked N Loaded - Benefits 

  • Increase Semen Volume - Cocked N Loaded is designed to increase the amount of semen that is produced and then released while ejaculating. When men ejaculate they want it to be obvious.
  • Encounter Strong Orgasms - Your orgasm is the pinnacle of your sexual capability. Cocked N Loaded supports to intensify your orgasm experience.
  • Prolong Ejaculation Intensity - There is a reason why people are more fascinated in tantric sex. The short-term period during ejaculation is perhaps the most blissful time that life has to offer. Cocked N Loaded increases the duration time of the ejaculation.

Why to try Cocked N Loaded?

Cocked-N-Loaded is more than a semen volumizer and libido enhancer.  It is also a male sexual confidence booster!  When you increase sexual performance and experience the intense orgasmic effects of Cocked-N-Loaded, you can feel manly, more powerful, and more masculine than ever.

Are there any side effects?

Cocked-N-Loaded is specially formulated to avoid the side-effects that accompany prescribed medication, so it is safe to use.  Some consumers have even reported increased stamina outside of the bedroom with Cocked-N-Loaded, increased energy to keep you vital and more powerful all day and all night.

Cocked N Loaded – Conclusion

Cocked n Loaded is designed to increase the volume of sperms along with boosting the libido. There are few consumer reviews available on the official website. This product mainly focus on two aspects - increasing the sperm volume and enhancing the libido while there are many other sexual enhancement products available that focus on enhancing the overall sexual performance.

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