Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Macaali Reviews

What is Macaali?

Macaali is a unique male enhancement formula that combines Gelatinized Maca Root Powder and Tongkat Ali Extract for improving male sexual health. It claims to be a natural testosterone booster. It is from the manufacturer of SD-200 Tongkat Ali Extract. It seems that this product has no official website as online retailers feature it on their sites. It can be bought at discount prices. The company doesn’t give clear information about the money back guarantee and no clinical testing has been done on it.

Manufacturer Information 

Macaali male sexual supplement is manufactured by Pure Science Supplements. The company doesn't include any information about the product on their website. 

Ingredients and how do they function

Macaali is made up of two common ingredients that are known for treating sexual problems of males. In the production of this product Maca roots from Peru are sourced and gelatinized into Maca root powder. In this process starch is removed for easier digestion. The good substance in Maca is retained. This is the most popular herb used in male enhancement.

The other ingredients Tongkat Ali Roots are developed into an extract at 100:1 extract strength. 100 gm. of Tongkat Ali roots is used to make only 1 gm. of extract. It is said to be a natural testosterone booster.

These synergistic ingredients have been used as a sexual aphrodisiac and used for increasing sexual strength for enduring sexual activity. 

The dosage information of Macaali is not clear. It is not mentioned if it is to be taken daily or only before sexual activity. 

Capsule of Macaali contains 350 mg of Gelatinized Maca Root Powder and 350 mg of Indonesia Tongkat Ali Extract.


• The amount of key ingredients are shown online
• It can be bought at discount prices
• Customer testimonials are available


• It doesn't contain other Pro-sexual nutrients
• The regular price is very expensive
• It is not clinically tested
• The dosage information is not clear.

Final words

Macaali contains two common ingredients for giving you the best erections. They are said to have the ability to support sexual stamina, heightening libido as well as enhancing arousal. But there is no scientific proof available, though the amount of ingredients is shown clearly. The company’s website lacks product information as well.  The regular cost of this product is very high but you can purchase it at discount prices. The two ingredients used in it boost the production of testosterone but there are other Pro-sexual nutrients that are also important for solving sexual problems.  

Where To Find It

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