Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Extenze Reviews

Extenze: General Product Review

Extenze is an herbal sexual enhancer which claims to increase the size of the penis and enhance sexual arousal. Extenze is composed of almost thirty herbal and mineral ingredients. Over time, it is suggested that this combination of herbs and minerals will cause the penis to grow during the course of taking Extenze. Once the consumer stops taking Extenze, the growth is supposed to disappear, giving Extenze a distinct advantage over competition.

Extenze pills are large tablets which contain about 800 milligrams of herbal and mineral supplement. A dosage consists of 1 tablet. Extenze does not state how long it will take to see results, although Extenze insists that such results are temporary, and that ceasing intake of Extenze will result in the loss of any perceived gain in size.

Making Sex Fun?


Although most participants in sexual activity believe it to be quite fun already, Extenze claims to make sex more fun, although the mechanism for fulfilling this claim is unknown. Most customers believe that Extenze will either increase the size of the penis or increase sexual arousal. Either of these changes is supposed to make sex “more fun” with Extenze. Unfortunately, it is not clear that the ingredients of Extenze actually produce the results claimed by the maker. In fact, the maker of Extenze has been repeatedly sued for damages according to advertising law.

Naturally, it is up to either scientists or consumers to determine if this is true, but the persistent placebo effect of taking sexual enhancers leads many to believe that Extenze has no effect at all, except to alther the mineral content of the body, in terms of folic acid and Zinc. Although a Zinc deficiency can cause impotence, too much Zinc will cause the same problem. Americans are the least at risk for Zinc deficiencies due to high meat diets.

Extenze Review conclusion

In conclusion, Extenze may very well produce some sexual changes, but these may be limited to placebo. As a product, Extenze lies in the middle range of price, but boasts far more ingredients and testimonials than other similar supplements. Note that these variables do not necessarily indicate the quality of the ingredients or the market value of the product itself. As to whether or not the product works, this depends largely on the expectations of the consumer. In general, the ingredients of Extenze do not support the conclusions drawn by the writers of Extenze claims. There's no reason to conclude that any herbal combination available will temporarily alter the size of the penis. If this were possible, it would be a medical miracle.

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