Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kamagra: What Exactly are The Risks of Kamagra?

It is difficult to determine the effects of a drug which has unknown ingredients. Kamagra is sold as a generic form of Viagra, but this is a misleading interpretation of the making of Kamagra itself. "Viagra" and "Kamagra" are terms which have become synonymous with arousal, although this is not the effect which the primary ingredient is meant to achieve. Most consumers around the world are not aware of this fact, and believe that Kamagra and Viagra are aphrodisiacs. We're going to take a quick look at the most likely problems of buying Kamagra online from the US.

For those with genuine erectile dysfunction, the active ingredient which these drugs claim, Sildenafil citrate, is very likely to provide either an erection, or an increased level of blood-flow to the genitals. This effect does not occur independently of arousal, however, and is actually the result of a reaction which occurs in the vascular tissue of the penis itself. Actually, the effect of allowing an erection, where there was none before, still requires sexual arousal.

It should be noted here that Kamagra is not guaranteed to contain Sildenafil citrate. Unlike Viagra, Kamagra is no longer a viable brand name. It is not manufactured by any one organization, although it may have been in the past. Kamagra was first made in India, where the majority of it is still made, but is unregulated by domestic organizations. Since the basic ingredient is patented, there is no legal way to sell this drug in the US independently of Pfizer and Viagra. While this may convince some that Kamagra is as viable as Viagra, the fact of its poor regulation and global manufacture guarantee that some versions of Kamagra are not only unreliable, but poisonous.

There have been many documented cases of death and injury related to Kamagra, and these usually occur outside the US, where Viagra is expensive, but readily available. To best understand the risks of Kamagra, therefore, it should be compared to any other illegal or controlled substance and all associated adverse effects. Note that these effects are not limited to the main ingredient, but to the entire shipping and manufacturing practice which happens in the private, unregulated sector. Also, those who purchase this drug online are exposed to all of the dangers and liabilities of purchasing other illegal substances online. Ultimately, the low cost of purchase for Kamagra should be weighed against the extremely high risk of these other factors. To sum up, these risks include injury, incarceration, and even death due to poisoning.

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