Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to Increase Erectile Dysfunction For Men In 40 Age?

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is defined as a man who has difficulty or an inability to achieve or sustain an erection for the time required to have an orgasm. It can be reoccurring or a constant problem, and it can have a devastating effect on a man's personal and sexual relationship.

What the Study Revealed?

A recent study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and showed that 26 percent of men who were under the age of 40, and sexually active, had a form of an erectile dysfunction. This was even with these men having healthy weights and normal levels of the male sexual health, testosterone. The study also revealed that out of the 26 percent, younger men who frequently used tobacco products and abused illegal drugs and alcohol experienced more problems with erectile dysfunctions and problems with ejaculation. In fact these unhealthy habits caused severe erectile problems in 48.8 percent of younger men, compared to only 40 percent of men over the age of 40.

How to Cope with Erectile Dysfunction?

Men who suffer from an erectile dysfunction often experience a loss of confidence in the bedroom, which can further affect their sexual performance. Their libidos can decrease and feelings of depression, stress, anxiety and even anger can also surface. This can be especially true for men under the age of forty, who are expected to be able to perform at their sexual best. Their inability to perform can lead to long lasting emotional issues and cause problems to develop in the relationship. In most instances an erectile dysfunction is treatable, and here are some tips to help both you and your partner keep your sex life satisfying and happy.

Be Honest

One of the best ways to begin treating an erectile dysfunction and to prevent problems from developing in the relationship is for men to be honest with their partners. Do not be ashamed to admit that there is a problem, and work together to come up with ways to solve it. Sometimes simply relieving the stress of not sharing the sexual dysfunction with your partner is enough to help improve your male enhancement during intercourse. Remember that it is alright to be embarrassed, and also know that your partner is there to help and support you, even if you are having problems sustaining your erection. While you are having difficulties, you can still stimulate your partner manually or orally. Sometimes knowing that your partner is satisfied is enough to help your relax and enjoy your own arousal.

Seek Help

This does not only include discussing the sexual problem with your partner, but also with a health care professional. While in younger men most cases of erectile disorders are caused by stress or poor lifestyle choices, it can also be an indicator of a more serious health problem. Not only can certain illnesses or diseases be ruled out, they should also be able to recommend a treatment method.

Help your Partner

Women need to remember that men did not develop a sexual dysfunction on purpose, nor is their inability to achieve an erection meant as a type of punishment. It is important for women to remember that it is even more frustrating for a man, along with it being a frightening experience for him. Supporting him through the problem will not only help to prevent problems developing in your relationship, which can make the erectile disorder worse, it can also help he recover his ability to have satisfying intercourse in a shorter period of time. Remember, he can still pleasure you even without penile penetration, and these longer sessions of foreplay can help him to recover faster.


It is startling to hear that one out of every four men suffer from male sexual problem, but they can also be treated. While men are dealing with the dysfunction, simply talking to a healthcare professional and their partner can be the most important step towards treatment. What is perhaps the most important for young men to remember, is that not only can their lifestyle choices affect their ability to perform sexually now but it can also have long reaching effects on their sexual performance for the rest of their lives.


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