Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Indian God Lotion Reviews – How Long Can You Last?

Indian God Lotion Overview

Indian God Lotion is made for people who experience with early climax problems or for people who just want to last longer to provide more common satisfaction.  It’s a desensitizing lotion that you apply on your male organ soon before sexual activity.  The main difference that it makes is that as opposed to other early climax alters,Indian God Lotion provides a smaller level of mind-numbing, so you still have enough feeling have fun with yourself.

Indian God Lotion Review Indian God Lotion Substances and How They Work

The ingredients list for  Indian God Lotion is fairly brief. It comprises of:
  • Water
  • Radic Asari
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Perfume

The effective, desensitizing component is Radic Asari.It is an unidentified natural herb that has at times been used together with pain control.As such, it may have the impact of offering a mind-numbing feeling.

You are directed to apply  Indian God Lotion onto the head of your male organ 1 time before sexual activity.If you want more impact, apply again Half an hour before sex.   Indian God Lotion is promoted to allow you to have sex the whole night, providing your associate several climaxes while you just last and last.
Two things that are not described in any of the ads is the consequences Indian God Lotion will have on contraceptives and dental sex.  Understanding how  Indian God Lotion will communicate with latex is necessary for many of its prospective clients.  And knowing if it’s secure to consume and if it’s at all tasty is also important to many. Unfortunately, these are both unidentified.

Indian God Lotion Benefits and Cons

Advantages of Indian God Lotion

  • The product is very affordable
  • The system is lengthy lasting
  • All ingredients are listed
  • Indian God Lotion is available through separate retailers

Disadvantages of Indian God Lotion

  • No assurance is provided
  • There are no client testimonials
  • Scientific evidence is not shown
  • The system requires up to one time to take effect
  • Indian God Lotion ingredients are not described in detail


  • We do not think we have enough information or positive
Feedback to be able to with confidence suggest. Indian God Lotion may perform at just the level you need. We’re just not sure.And not understanding information about its connections with latex or how it preferences, we just suggest Indian God Lotion.

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